Reading is the key to success in school and in life

Discover automated recommendations for fluency practice aligned to Lexplore’s reading levels.

Every child deserves to master the skill of reading. To help them achieve this, Lexplore provides Fluency Books at each reading ability level. Fluency practice and reading comprehension spark the joy of reading. With Lexplore, they also get a digital Reading Diary to log all reading in one place. 

As a teacher, you'll also receive teacher guidelines and lesson plans in order to prepare your pupils' assignments for each phase of their reading development.

Fluency Practice

Lexplore's fluency practice is based on the idea that decoding is one of the key factors needed to develop one's reading comprehension. The model, The Simple View of Reading, is an evidence-based, accepted model. Practicing the connection between sound and letter in a structured way gives good results for strengthening both decoding and reading fluency. The Phonics method is therefore the basis of the material Lexplore offers for level-adjusted training.

Our reading fluency training is designed to support every level to help every student grow!

  • Created to support each reading ability level
  • Developed by special education teachers and based on international research
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Teacher’s guides 

Teacher’s guides boost your class’s reading engagement and offer you systematic methods for teaching reading.   The guides consist of three areas of focus: decoding and fluency, language comprehension, and reading strategies, which together lead to improved reading comprehension.

  • Ready-to-use yearly planning and lesson plans
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Reading strategies for all types of texts
  • Recommended exercises for each of the Key Stages
  • Developed by special education teachers and based on international research

Reading Diary

It's important to read digital books as well as paper books, and with Lexplore, you can easily track both activities.

  • Easy to log reading
  • Get all reading insights in one place
  • A great way to include guardians
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Reading is the key to success in school and in life

When all the pieces come together, we can help pupils grow

The assessment gives teachers insights, but it's when those insights turn into action with read that progress is made.


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