Lexplore powers progression through reading

Lexplore boosts results by supporting teachers, motivating pupils and helping organisations understand reading development
Reading progression
Better results over all

Reading progression with Lexplore

The city of Lidingö increases reading ability levels

Since the city of Lidingö in Sweden started using Lexplore in all their schools to work systematically with reading development, the number of good readers has increased and the number of struggling readers has declined. The main success factors: 

  • Providing fast and unbiased insights that follow the progression of organisations, groups and individual reading journeys over time
  • Improving teachers’ work with reading comprehension and reading strategies to support reading development
  • Working with reading in all subjects

Efficiency with Lexplore

Time and cost savings in Matchborough First School Academy

The implementation of Lexplore Assessment has certainly provided us with time saving particularly for pupils who would normally need a whole lesson to complete a traditional-reading paper. As testing per child is only 5 minutes, there is no detrimental impact on children’s learning or wider curriculum. This is a real strength of the programme!

  • Quick and timesaving assessment vs paper based assessment
  • Results are available within seconds
  • Insights that are easy to understand and take action upon
  • Easy to navigate portal for staff members
  • Not having to complete large amounts of onerous marking is time saving for teachers

Motivation with Lexplore

New ways of working with reading

The Lexplore way of assessing is motivational and engaging for both teachers and pupils. New technology was appealing to the staff of Matchborough First School Academy. They also quickly found out that children enjoyed the experience as it was something new to them and were intrigued by the eye-tracking technology. 

  • Fun and engaging way of assessing engaged more pupils in their own reading journeys
  • Additional resources including intervention packages made it motivational for the staff
  • Automated content based on the assessment boosts pupils' confidence and motivation by giving them the right content at the right time
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Increased equitability

In Kristinehamn city, they share the impact of working together in a systematic way. When all the schools in the city worked together systematically with reading development, it created equal opportunities for the pupils. Lexplore’s efficient methods and insights, helped Kristineshamns school leaders get a quick and objective overview of all pupils reading skills. It also helped the teachers deliver early interventions in class at an earlier stage than before. 

  • Objective assessment enables data-driven decision making
  • Enables early intervention to improve results
  • Easy to follow each individual pupil’s reading journey

Better readers do better in school and in life

Uppsala municipality discovered a correlation between reading skills and grades in secondary school. When schools started to work on reading skills in all subjects, the pupils’ grades went up. Pupils went from reading silently in class, to reading aloud with their peers, having conversations about texts they read, and increasing the focus on concept learning. They also focused more on decoding skills and fluency practice. This produced immediate results.
  • Insights about pupils’ reading are easy to find and understand, allowing all teachers to work systematically with reading
  • Enabling teachers to work with reading in all subjects has an effect on pupils’ grades
  • Good readers have a better chance of success in school and life
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How to make an impact!

How to make an impact with Systematic Reading Development

  • An image of a pupil being assessed using Lexplore
    Start by assessing all pupils to get an accurate picture of each child’s reading ability.
  • An image of the results from Lexplore
    The insights are delivered instantly in our Results Portal with detailed metrics for all levels from school, class and individual pupil.
  • An image of two kids in high school reading books
    Support and progress pupils with automated recommendations for reading development for reading intervention.
  • An image of a pupil being assessed using Lexplore
    Assess again to understand progress and evaluate interventions.
Two pupils in uniforms sitting on the ground, reading books

When we can see the full picture, all the pieces come together to help your pupils to progress

The Assessment gives powerful Insights, that guide support and interventions with Read, that in turn empower reading progress for every child.


Find out how the assessment works and how it supports your systematic reading development.


Explore the insights you gain from the assessment and reading activities.


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