Powerful reading insights

Easy to understand graphic data delivered instantly
Illustration of a school and pupil reading

Insights for the organisation

Easy to understand graphic data delivered instantly

  • Powerful visualisation of reading development
  • Enables early interventions to increase results
  • Follow progression over time compared to the national average
  • Efficient planning of resources
  • Enables data driven decision making
  • A platform for discussion and learning between colleagues
Illustration of teachers talking

Insights for the teacher

All reading insights gathered in one place, both from the assessment and the reading activities. This helps the teachers to understand the development of each and every pupil, and enables early intervention and better adapted teaching.

  • Visualisation of assessment results that are easy to understand
  • Insights on different levels - from organisation to pupil
  • Follow individual progress over time to tailor actions and practice
  • Unbiased data gives support for equitable education
  • Automatic recommendations for appropriate instructional strategies
  • See correlation between reading activities and progression to get insights into which interventions work and which don’t
Illustration of pupils reading

Insights for pupils and guardians

Each pupil has their own reading journey. With Lexplore all pupils have access to equal opportunities to succeed with the help of unbiased data and an objective assessment.

  • Unbiased assessment and equal opportunity to succeed
  • Follow progress over time
  • Engage pupils in their individual reading journey
  • Boost reading progression for all pupils regardless of level
See insights in action

Explore how insights turn into actions

The assessment offers powerful insights, but it's when those insights turn into action with read practice that progress is made.
Image of two kids reading at home
Image of two pupils reading the same book in school

Reading is the key to success in school and in life

It's when it all works together that pupils grow

The assessment gives teachers insights, but it's when those insights turn into action with books & practice that progress is made.


Find out how the assessment works and how it can help you in your work.


Discover how insights turn into action with reading activities based on reading level.

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