Lexplore offers an all in one service for reading development

Lexplore offers assessment, insights and development in one place to progress reading for all children in UK schools.
Objective, Quick & Accurate assessment
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Reading based on assessment results
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Lexplore boosts reading progression

Increasing the number of high-level readers in the organisation

Since the city of Lidingö in Sweden started using Lexplore in all their schools to work systematically with reading development the number of strong readers has increased and the number of struggling readers has declined.


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Which solution is right for you?

MAT or School Group
When all schools in an organisation work together, you get the best results. Assess reading, get unique insights and connect these with practice at the right level for each pupil.
Single school
If you want to get started with Lexplore at your school, this is the solution for you. Assess reading, get unique insights and connect these with training at the right level for each pupil.
“Lexplore Analytics helps us see beneath the surface of children’s reading ability and is an important part of the school’s approach to closing the literacy gap and giving every child a strong foundation for their learning.”
Gwen Thomas
SpLD Teacher and Assessor – Brompton Westbrook Primary

Lexplore FAQ

What is Lexplore?
Lexplore is the all-in-one service for systematic reading development. It all starts with the award winning AI and eyetracking assessment. After the reading assessment each pupil has their own score that indicates their level of reading. This score is used to recommend reading activities that fit each pupils need. Lexplore is here to boost reading progression and reading journeys everywhere.
Who is Lexplore for?

Lexplore is at it’s most powerful when it is used as a whole school or MAT solution, giving you the ability to monitor goal achievements and allocate resources effectively. Leaders across schools can work together with teachers and parents to monitor and develop all children’s reading.

How do I buy Lexplore?

It’s easy!

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How do I get started with Lexplore?

We will get you up and running in no time! Our team will support you every step of the way in our onboarding process, so you can start enjoying the benefits within your school or MAT.

  1. Have a meeting with our team to decide who will assess your pupils be your Lexplore Ambassador.
  2. Set up your hardware and software.
  3. Plan time for assessments and reading activities for your organisation with the support of the Lexplore Methodology
  4. We have various digital training courses to enhance your knowledge of Lexplore.
  5. Start accessing your pupils and gain insights to their reading ability.
  6. Use Lexplore's recommendations for Fluency Practice to help support your reading interventions.
  7. Enjoy teaching with Lexplore to help improve pupils reading!

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How much does Lexplore cost?

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